Web Cameras

Our web cameras let current customers check in on their pet while they are staying with us. For the safety of our staff and guests, our web cameras only stream live video daily from 7a to 5p. Current customers get their own special password to view our video stream. Login Below!

Are you a current customer and need login information? Please call us!

Please logout when you are done viewing!

Password provided by Pampered Pet Center Staff.

Having trouble with the method above? Click here and login with the same username and password. The step below only apply to viewing with this method.

1. Login with user name and password provided by the Pampered Pet Center.
2. On desktop click motion JPEG on the left side of the screen. On Mobile select the streaming type of JPEG.
3. If you would like to select a different camera use the drop down list for camera options.
4. Click the home icon will log you out.