The staff at the Pampered Pet Center are animal lovers to their very souls. When your fur-baby comes to visit, he or she is welcomed in as a member of our family. In addition to their deep love of animals, our staff also has many, many years of experience working with animals of every shape, size and personality. You can leave your pet kid with us and know we’ll love ‘em like you do.

Meet Our Staff Pack

Jeanette (A.K.A TopDog)
As Pampered Pet Center owner and founder, Jeanette has poured her heart and soul into the Center since 2003 in honor of her beloved Pomeranian, Tori. She still gets a thrill in seeing how excited our pet guests are when they arrive for a day of play with all of their doggie friends. The Pampered Pet Center was Jeanette’s labor of love – and that continues today.
Dan (A.K.A AlphaDog)
Dan the Dog Man has been with the Pampered Pet Center for over 10 years and is loved by our pet kids and their parents, alike. His favorite thing about the Pampered Pet Center is getting to know the pet kids who join us as puppies and then to work with them and watch them grow throughout their life. He loves getting to know all of the pet kids and their parents. Known for his great customer service and love for his pet kids, Dan thinks he’s got the best job ever! At home, Dan enjoys his pet kid, Banjo, a Pekingese.
Mary (A.K.A PackLeader)
Known among staff, as well as clients, as the Pampered Pet Center’s very own “dog whisperer,” Mary becomes surrogate Mom and Grandma to every pet-kid that enters our door. Her many years of working with dogs have given her tremendous insight into their personalities and their needs. It’s not unusual to find a shy pup hanging out in Mary’s office or cuddled next to her when she spends the night to care for our extended stay pets.
Niki (A.K.A LuckyDog)
Niki loves her time at the Pampered Pet Center and gets a lot of enjoyment having a job that lets her play all day. At home, Niki shares fur baby, Sumo the Shih Tzu with her mom, and also has another Shih Tzu named Bella.
Taylor (A.K.A ArtziePaws)
Taylor has been a part of the Pampered Pet Center pack family since high school and recently, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts. She loves all the many pet personalities that can be found here on any given day. When she’s not playing fetch or running around outside with the day’s guests, you’ll find her cleaning away. Lucky us – she loves animals and she loves to clean! Her own fur babies include Rocky, a Border Collie/Golden mix and a Tabby/Bengal kitty named Teemo.
Angela (A.K.A TheDailyBarker)
A born and raised Illinois farm girl, Angela loves her pets in all sizes – including her “girls” – cows Emma, Emmaline, Big Bertha and Ella May. In addition to hanging out and playing with our “pet kids” – Angela keeps everyone up on what’s going on through our Facebook page and other social media. And, she’s the one behind the camera for many of our great photos and videos. At home, Angela enjoys her pet kid, Peyton, a Shih Tzu.
Keysen (A.K.A WonderDog)
Keysen, PackLeader Mary’s grandson and LitterMate Theresa’s son, has been hanging around the Pampered Pet Center with his Grandma since he was a little boy – often spending the night at the Center when we had overnight guests. Keysen’s dream is to be a veterinarian one day and in the Fall, he’ll be attending the U of I. He loves being able to play with the dogs and watch them go home worn out from all the fun at the end of the day. Keysen shares Rose, Spud, Zack and Shadow at home with Mom Theresa.
Theresa (A.K.A LitterMate)
It really is a family affair at the Pampered Pet Center. Theresa’s mom is Pampered Pet Center’s PackLeader Mary. So, Theresa comes by her love of animals honestly. Theresa is our pet bather, so it’s not unusual, especially on Sudsy Saturdays, to find her elbow deep in bubbles as she makes sure our pet kids are looking their best. Theresa has a houseful of her own pet kids, including Spud, a Dachshund; Rose, a Jack Russell mix; as well as her two cats, Zack and Shadow.